I’ve never really understood why people don’t treat ski racing a bit more reverently. I mean, we’re practically gods on skis. Why wouldn’t you worship us?

However, being special always has its issues. I mean, Albert Einstein was probably one of  the smartest men in the world, but imagine how hard it was to get a date with that sort of hair.

Likewise for us, I mean, we look hot in our spandex suits, ski really fast, and did I mention the looking hot part?

Well, it isn’t all what it’s all cracked up to be. Teachers are forever exasperated by the amount of school we miss. They think that we’re secretly out partying or something.



Anyways, today I present to you the pros and cons of being a ski racer.



You work out a lot, so you have this body that’s pretty much cover-of-Sports Illustrated-worthy You have to work out
You’re healthy You have to cut off on the doughnuts and pretty much everything else that tastes good
You have a group of close-knit friends that love this sport as much as you do You have no social life when the season ends
You get to miss school Teachers hate you/ don’t even know you exist
The high school popular girls never torment you You don’t even know who the popular people are
You get to spend a lot of time travelling the world You have to accustomed to the dreaded jet lag and greasy hair. Ew
Something gossip-worthy always happens on the bus rides Someone always takes a dump in the bus bathroom and everything smells like someone died
The glacier/summer camps are always awesome You know your school friends are off in Hawaii somewhere getting a real tan
You get goggle tans You get goggle tans
You see a lot of the famous ski racers when you’re in Europe, and you feel cool posting pictures of you and them on Facebook People from school always comment: ‘Who’s that?’.  Awkward
No one cares if you wear the same sweatpants three days in a row If you did that at school, everyone would think you’ve just finished a drug deal
Ski racer—ski racer relationships ❤ When they break up, everyone knows
Its funny seeing guys in too-small suits It’s terrible seeing a girl when her period has leaked through her suit.  Sorry for you, hon.
When the ski season ends, you get to sleep in! But really you just don’t know what to do with your life after the most major thing that implicates every ounce of your energy/brain power is finished
You’re generally good at waking up at the butt-crack of dawn You can’t sleep in past eight.
You’re good at dealing with the cold But really, you can’t deal with the cold.
You’re always super-excited when the ski season is about to start But then that means fitness testing. Sad face
You get a ton of spares in grade eleven But that’s only because you took a million and two courses over the summer. Where did my life go?

Hopefully you all enjoyed yourselves reading the pros and cons, even if you may not be a ski racer!

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