Ski racing is supposed to be a tough sport. No whining, complaining, moping or wimping about. However, there are always those people that can’t seem to just pull up their socks and just tough it out. But NO, their fingers are cold, or their hair is too tangled. Yeah, well….you know know what? MY WHOLE BODY HURTS.

But they just keep going off about how: the course is to long, the gates should be softer because they hurt too much.

So I just stand there thinking:

But I guess you’ll get those types in any sport, but ski racing is one of those that put up with it, but eventually those kids never continue, for if you don’t love it, then why do it, as my dad would always say to me.

Just a little short post before I go and pack my 1000 and three ski items before we go and move into our cabin tomorrow. Which will clearly look like this:


Ski season has officially begun!!!